Shadow Apocalypse End of Year Sale

Shadow Apocalypse (The Darkle Chronicles Book One), my splatterpunk post-apocalyptic novella, is on sale in the US and UK Kindle stores for .99c / .99p until New Year’s Eve. If extreme horror set in a unique Irish post-apocalypse setting sounds of interest, now is the best time to grab a copy.

In the desolate aftermath, survival means confronting your darkest desires.

Brendan and Eoin’s quest for more leads them to the mysterious Lillian. Will she be their salvation or their doom?

Meet Brendan and Eoin, two survivors navigating the eerie wastelands of post-apocalyptic Ireland. Their existence, once fuelled by wild excess, has grown dull amidst the tainted landscape. Eoin dreams of escape, while Brendan yearns for something beyond the macabre.

Their lives take a dramatic turn when they encounter the mysterious Lillian. Immune to their charms, she becomes an enigmatic addition to their group, her true motives hidden in shadows.

As the trio journeys through the haunted countryside, they confront inner demons, memories of past wrongs, and the encroaching darkness that lurks in the land of the dead.

WARNING: “Shadow Apocalypse” is an extreme horror story. Graphic content awaits within. Reader discretion is advised