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Darkle Book One: Shadow Apocalypse

Step into the eerie world of post-apocalypse Ireland, where the dead wander and darkness plots to control them. Prepare for a chilling tale!

Meet Brendan and Eoin, two wanderers who live on the edge, indulging in a life of wild excess amidst a tainted landscape. But their existence has become dull, and the thrill of their macabre desires is no longer enough. Eoin dreams of escaping this grim reality, while Brendan longs for something… more.

Their lives take a dramatic turn when they cross paths with the mysterious Lillian. She’s immune to their charms and becomes a part of their group, her true motives hidden.

As the trio journeys through the countryside, they confront their inner demons, memories of the wrongs they committed to survive in this corrupt world, and the darkness that lurks in the dead land.

WARNING: This book is an extreme horror story. It contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

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Add me… and other warnings

bc hollywood books - Add me... and other warnings

Add me… and other warnings is a short collection of cautionary tales in short story, flash fiction, and prose poetry form.

Add me… Love and stalking on social media have unforeseen consequences. Shaded A gritty tale of loss and vengeance, played out on a housing estate backdrop. Imitative Magic The repercussions of ritual magic at a country Halloween celebration. Fresh One psychopath’s unique taste… Wounds A prose poem about a life and the wounds inflicted upon it.

“I’ve never experienced such short stories that made such a lasting impact. In a few short pages, the content and the characters stay with you. The supernatural and paranormal twists add a depth to these stories without detracting from the practical realism in the premise. Intelligently written, can’t wait to see what else B.C. Hollywood has up his sleeve.” – Goodreads Review

“I’ll try not to have any spoilers here because Mr. Hollywood’s twisty, surprising stories are too good to spoil. They should be savored by each reader who comes to them. But I will say that there’s always a sting in the tail, somewhere.” – Amazon Review

Add me… and other warnings is available now as eBook or paperback on Amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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Dogcatcher: A Short Story

In Dogcatcher: A Short Story, Samuel Legge, the village dog-catcher, has received news that has cast a shadow over his future. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time because a figure from his past now threatens the person he holds dearest.  But Sam is nothing if not resourceful, and he’s not the sort of man you want to back into a corner. Don’t count the old dog out just yet!

“This is a beautiful and fully-realized short from B.C. Hollywood. The titular character, Sam Legge, faces the usual challenges of fatherhood: trying to communicate with his maturing daughter and dealing with his own advancing age and mortality. But Sam has more than the usual challenge when a specter from his past returns and threatens more than his daughter’s heart. Sam’s method of dealing with these challenges is as resourceful it is gruesome.” – Amazon Review

Dogcatcher is available now as eBook or paperback on Amazon.

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B.C. Hollywood is an Irish author of dark fiction. He spends much of his spare time battering raw story ideas into shapelier form and writing film reviews on The Strange Review. He holds an M.Phil. in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict, and an M.A. in Film and Television.

B.C.’s current interests are extreme cinema, beard cultivation, body-snatching, famine, cannibalism, and hot zombies (all purely for research purposes).